The Reading Hour

By: Debbie Taborn



By: Debbie Taborn

In every game that you choose,
one must win, and one must lose.

So try your best to win the game,
But if by chance you shan’t,

Let it not be from self-defeat,
By the useless words, “I can’t”

Ride on a Snowflake

By: Debbie Taborn

Let’s all go for a ride today,
not on a bike, not on a sleigh.

Let’s ride on a snowflake way up high,
to the tops of the trees so close to the sky.

Big flakes, small flakes, they’re all such fun.
Be careful not to float too close to the sun.

Twirling and twisting on soft cotton air.
A ride on a snowflake will sparkle our hair.

Let’s dip and slide and glide and fall.
We’ll ride all day ‘til our mommies call.

Let’s ride on a snowflake one by one.
Riding a snowflake can be wonderful fun!

I’m a Little Nervous

By: Debbie Taborn 2016

I’m a little nervous.
My knees are shaking too.

Everything seems so different.
I don’t know what to do.

Everyone is smiling,
but I can really see.

No one is really sure.
They’re nervous just like me.

My mom said, “Keep your head up,
everything is cool”.

“It’s always kind of jittery,
on the very first day of school!


By: Debbie Taborn 2016

Let’s laugh today just for fun.
Let’s laugh today at the twinkling sun.

Make funny faces just to giggle,
and make our laughing bellies jiggle.

Let’s laugh today just for fun.
Let’s laugh today when we jump and run.

We’ll laugh until we’re on the floor,
And laugh until we can no more.

I like to laugh and you should too,
For laughter is God’s gift to you.

The Treasure of a Tree

By: Debbie Taborn 2016

Trees can sometimes make us sneeze,
when springtime brings a gusty breeze.

Trees can bend and sometimes sway.
Trees cool off a summer’s day.

Trees are most fun in the fall,
giving fruits and nuts for us all.

Trees wear many colored leaves,
that blow away in winter’s freeze.

For every season, there is a reason,
to treasure the beauty of a tree.

(Trees give us air to breathe…trees protect the earth.)

I Wish

By: Debbie Taborn 2016

I made a wish and it came true.
I’m as happy as can be.

Should I make another wish,
or maybe two or three?

There are lots of things to wish for,
like toys, treats and fun.

But I think being thankful,
is really the greatest one.

So when I want to make a wish and
close my eyes real tight,

Instead I’ll be thankful
when I say my prayers at night.
Beetle, Ant and Hippo

By: Debbie Taborn 2012

Beetle, Ant and Hippo, all went out for lunch.
Laughing, and sharing stories, what a happy bunch!

Beetle, Ant and Hippo, scampered to find a crumb,
Having lots of fun together, running to and from.

They played Hide and Seek behind a crooked tree.
But one of them could not fit and everyone could see!

All afternoon, they ran and jumped and played so very well.
Maybe friends don't have to look alike to get along just swell.

By: Debbie Taborn 2012

I saw a whirling whirlwind,
spinning like a top.

It whirled so fast right by me,
I thought it’d never stop.

It picked up twigs and papers
and sent them far up in the air.

I kept my feet upon the ground
but almost lost my hair!

I really like these whirlwinds,
they are such a funny thing.

And I can tell by whirling winds,
it must be time for spring.