The Reading Hour

By: Debbie Taborn


Table Talk….

I have found that the serenity of the kitchen gathering place, is a perfect “learning/reading” opportunity. Often when we sit around the dinner table, conversations are abundant. Here’s one way to engage your youngster on the path of curiosity.

A conversation might bring up any number of subjects. Just listen for your opportunity or initiate your own question on any subject (Space travel, plays, cartooning, ancient Greece, astrology, astronomy…the topics are endless! Simply throw out a sentence or question and follow up with… “I’d like to know more about that... Let’s look that up after dinner”.

Find a simple article, picture with text, internet, magazine. (10 to 20 minutes)

Expand your conversation with “Let’s take a trip to…”

Example: Pirates…Baltimore Harbor to visit the USS Constellation
Ships… any local harbor
Airplanes… Air and Space Museum
Acting/Performing … See a play or puppet show
Exercising … The playground!
You get the idea!

Your youngster will quickly absorb the natural progression from curiosity to fact finding to adventurous outcomes. (And they won’t even know they were reading (wink).