The Reading Hour

By: Debbie Taborn


How to Create a Book Nook

Reading is the key to your child’s success because…. Research has revealed that a minimum of 15 minutes of reading activity each day, can improve a youngster’s ability to read and comprehend. These necessary skills are fundamental in the academic success of children. Creating a fun place for your youngster to engage in exploring books, (reading, being read to, looking at illustrations or illustrating) is a wonderful way to get started. Here is a “jump start” on how to

Create a Fun Reading “Nook” at Home

1. Find a space in your home that is large enough for youngsters and adults to sit comfortably together.

2. Use pillows, rugs, or blankets for seating or even a small table with chairs.

3. Gather all types of books, and magazines (even non-violent comic books). Store them in a basket at the end of each session.

4. Play very soft music (enjoyable to all participants) for quiet independent reading. Your toddler can learn to sit quietly and turn pages of illustrations.

5. Have a few small writing pads, drawing paper and pencils available. Model how to jot down/draw interesting things about their books. (Share at the end of the session.)

6. Start with a small amount of time (15 minutes) and gradually all members will request more time each session.

7. Allow 5-10 minutes at the conclusion of your reading time for sharing ideas, comments or answering questions.

You will be amazed how quickly and eagerly your family will embrace,”The Reading Hour”.