The Reading Hour

By: Debbie Taborn


The Reading Hour was created by Debbie Taborn, author of children’s books: When a Feather Fell, When a Drip Dropped, Donia and Her Marvelous Bag of Cents, and Donia and Her Amazing Undersea Adventure. Her stories are colorful, exciting and often hilarious.

A special appeal separates this author’s books from other mainstream books. Debbie Taborn’s stories embrace global cultural acceptance and invite young readers to become aware of important environmental issues in our world.

Research has revealed that a minimum of 15 minutes of reading activity a day, can improve a child’s ability to read and comprehend. These necessary skills are fundamental in the academic success of all youngsters. The reading hour is a safe place for young readers to engage in reading activities like stories, poems and puzzles.

Please come in, browse, linger and love, the “joy of reading”, at The Reading Hour.